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$________ GROSS VERDICT Hospital negligence - Trip and fall over electrical cord in patient''s room - Shoulder fracture - 75% comparative negligence found.
Broward County (41668)
________ verdict on liability - Hospital Negligence - A mental patient was discovered unresponsive and a code was called - it was not successful and the patient's estate alleged hospital negligence in a delay in securing a working defibrillator
Jefferson (140941)
________ verdict on liability - Hospital Negligence - A disabled patient in a wheelchair was presented a cup of hot tea - she spilled the tea on herself and sustained a serious scalding injury to her shoulder and arm
Jefferson (140942)
________ verdict on liability - Hospital Negligence - Ten days after an aneurysm repair, the ________ was left paralyzed by an ischemic injury to his spinal cord - he blamed hospital nurses for missing signs of the injury and promptly intervening
Jefferson (140944)
$________ for ________ - Hospital Negligence - ________ lost her thumb in the hospital and blamed it on nurse error in injecting drugs into her arterial line instead of her IV
Pike (141143)
________ verdict on liability - Hospital Negligence - The ________ stepped on broken glass in his hospital room - a diabetic, the resulting infection later led to the amputation of his entire foot
Adair (141174)
$________ for ________ - Hospital Negligence - During a simple barium enema test, ________ alleged the balloon was inflated in his anus, leading to a sphincter injury and permanent incontinence
Russell (141175)
________ verdict - ________ - Hospital Negligence - While visiting her mother in the hospital, a woman was asked by a nurse to help move a physical therapy machine; during the moving process, the machine became activated and injured the woman's hand
Jefferson (165567)
$________ for ________ - ________ - Hospital Negligence - An elderly mental patient was strangled to death in her room by an unknown assailant; the patient's estate blamed the nurse who failed to check on the patient according to a mandatory schedule
Baldwin (165713)
________ verdict - ________ - Hospital Negligence - A woman was seriously injured when another woman driving under the influence of methadone collided with her; the injured woman blamed the methadone clinic for allowing the impaired woman on the road
Etowah (165788)
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