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$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ slips and falls on sidewalk abutting residential property while walking her dog at night – ________ contends ________ homeowners creates dangerous condition by having leader deposit water onto sloped driveway, which flows onto sidewalk and freezes – Ankle fracture – Surgery
Bergen County, NJ (195183)
$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Failure of supermarket to clean spilled oil – Fall down – ________ points to video, and ________ contends ________ had notice to clean oil – Two lumbar herniations – Surgery
Morris County, NJ (195185)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Slip and fall – ________ strikes head on wall as she falls and claims closed head trauma with headaches and memory loss – Aggravation of lumbar and cervical herniations – Soft tissue shoulder injuries
Orange County, FL (194779)
________ JUDGMENT FOLLOWING TRIAL – Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ slipped on urine on floor of ________ pet store – Sprained ankle
New Haven County, CT (194843)
$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Fall down – Tenant slips and falls on ice sheet formed as a result of melting and refreezing – Failure to place chemicals or sand despite actual knowledge of icy conditions – Bimalleolar fracture – Surgical removal of bone spurs – No future income claims.
Monmouth County, NJ (194876)
$________ VERDICT – Premises Liability – Slip and fall – Resident sues after slipping on ice from the doorstep and stairs of apartment complex – Neck and back injury
Middlesex County Superior Court (194878)
$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Fall down –Supervisor of ________ facility management company is negligent in directing waxing of floor in high pedestrian traffic area shortly before shift change – ________ asked by ________ to help clean up the stripping solution – ________ slips and falls
Westchester County, NY (194909)
Philadelphia County, PA (194919)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Slip and fall – ________ slips and fall on a puddle of milk in an aisle of ________ grocery store – Negligently causing or permitting a dangerous condition to exist on the premises – Left shoulder and ankle ligament damage – Surgery
Philadelphia County, PA (194941)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligent maintenance of machine – ________ slips on accumulated water that leaked from a boiler ________ had recently repaired – Failure to properly maintain and repair boiler – Lumbar disc injuries requiring surgery – Radiculopathy
Philadelphia County, PA (194945)
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