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________ verdict on liability - Government Negligence - A woman and her daughter were injured in a t-bone crash at an intersection; ________ blamed the crash on INDOT for its allegedly negligent design and maintenance of the intersection
Clark, Superior (167221)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged negligent operation of police vehicle - ________ car struck in oncoming lane - Torn meniscus.
Miami-Dade County (143240)
________ VERDICT Governmental liability - County allegedly violates state statute by changing tax collector's compensation after election - Claimed unauthorized reduction in compensation.
Butler County (143061)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Government liability - Dangerous city civic center parking lot - Trip and fall over parking bumper - Dangerous location of bumper - Inadequate lighting - Humerus fracture with surgery - 10% comparative negligence found.
Broward County (143239)
$________ for ________ - Government Negligence - The city's bulldozer damaged a neighboring property while demolishing a vacant building
Lake, Superior (167173)
________ VERDICT ON BENCH TRIAL Premises liability - Trip and fall over fallen sign - Governmental liability - Cervical and lumbar sprain/strain.
Hartford County, Connecticut (142775)
________ VERDICT Government liability - ________ car struck by stolen police vehicle - Alleged failure to secure suspect in back seat of police car - Claimed cervical and lumbar disc herniations.
Miami-Dade County (143035)
________ VERDICT Government liability - Alleged failure to maintain city sidewalk - Claimed slip and fall in wet, slippery depression - Torn rotator cuff - Liability only.
Miami-Dade County (143036)
$________ VERDICT Government liability - Negligent operation of sheriff's vehicle - Failure to stop for stop sign - Aggravation of preexisting back condition - 40% comparative negligence found.
Highlands County (142835)
$________ VERDICT Government liability - Erosion of creek bed caused by township's repair of sewer lines - Construction of retaining wall required.
Allegheny County (140154)