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________' VERDICT Product liability - Alleged defective ladder - Fall from ladder - Cervical sprain and strain - Facial injuries.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida (50896)
$________ for ________ - Products Liability - While working on a ladder, the ________ (weighing ________ pounds) suffered a back injury when the ladder collapsed under him
Wisconsin Eastern - Green Bay (146177)
________ verdict on liability - Products Liability - While hanging Halloween decorations, ________ was injured when his ladder slid from under him
New Jersey - Trenton (146144)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Homeowner negligence - Defective ladder - Fall from ladder - Finger fracture - 30% comparative negligence found.
Miami-Dade County (50816)
$________ for ________ less 40% comparative fault - Premises Liability - While helping his friend do some remodeling, the ________ broke his heel when he fell after scaffolding collapsed
Pendleton (141809)
$________ for ________ less 31% comparative fault - Products Liability - While hanging Christmas lights, the ________ fell from a ladder and sustained a pelvic fracture
Florida Middle - Orlando (146046)
________ verdict on liability - Products Liability - While working on a ladder, it suddenly collapsed and the ________ shattered his ankle
Michigan Eastern - Detroit (145193)
________ VERDICT Product liability - Alleged design defect and manufacturing defect in six-foot fiberglass step ladder - Claimed inappropriate shoulder bolt - Fall from ladder - Ankle fracture with multiple surgeries.
U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida (48280)
________ verdict - Truck Negligence - The ________ was badly hurt in a right of way crash with a mowing truck that was working on a state highway
California Eastern - Sacramento (145022)
$________ VERDICT - AFTER ________ FOR ________ ON LIABILITY Trial on damages for injuries sustained by electrician in fall from defective ladder - ________ on liability granted ________ against owner and general contractor - Compound comminuted fracture of wrist and soft tissue injuries to his back.
Kings County, New York (47448)
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