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$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/Motorcycle Collision – ________ driver fails to stop at stop sign – Fails to yield right-of-way to motorcycle driver – Wrongful death.
152nd (193422)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Uninsured motorist claim – Negligent left turn – Multiple cervical disc herniations with surgery – Claimed traumatic brain injury – 50% comparative negligence – No permanent injury found
Orange County, FL (193451)
$________ VERDICT Insurance Obligation – Uninsured Motorist Benefits – ________ seeks compensation for her injuries from the insurer of the car the ________ was operating with permission that was involved in an accident with an uninsured driver – Denial of benefits – Neck and back injuries.
New Castle County, DE (193483)
$________ VERDICT Insurance Obligation – Underinsured motorist benefits – Tortfeasor paid policy limits, ________ seeks compensation from own insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits – Chronic neck and back pain – Cervical radiculopathy.
New Castle County, DE (193484)
$________ VERDICT – Motor vehicle negligence – Underinsured motorist claim – ________ vehicle was struck by the ________ vehicle – Liability admitted – Cervical and lumbar injuries – Chronic pain syndrome.
Belmont County, OH (193489)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY – Workers' Compensation – ________ alleged that a recent work related back injury worsened his pre-existing work related hernias.
Withheld County, MA (193509)
$________ VERDICT PLUS $________ IN PREJUDGMENT INTEREST Insurance Broker negligence case – Broker allegedly promises to obtain insurance for replacement value of ________ bed & breakfast establishment – ________ denies promising to obtain insurance
U.S. District - Western County, NY (193558)
________ VERDICT Insurance – Alleged breach of insurance contract – Claimed wrongful denial of claims for water damage and theft under homeowner’s policy.
Broward County, FL (193019)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Uninsured motorist claim – Sideswipe collision while merging into traffic – Meniscus tear – Lumbar disc herniation – 40% comparative negligence found – No permanent injury.
Pinellas County, FL (193020)
$________ VERDICT Rear end collision – Closed head trauma – Balance disorder suffered by ________ in her mid-20s – UIM case – ________ pursuing bad faith claim in first party case.
Middlesex County, NJ (193108)
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