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________ - Breach of Contract - The ________ invested $________ in a restaurant themed on the healthy lifestyle of a Hollywood star ? the deal went sour after the first restaurant opened and the investor lost it all ? he sued the actress and alleged fraud and breach of contract ? the actress denied it, explaining the investor dealt only with her partner, former governor and chicken man, John Y. Brown, Jr.
Fayette (184006)
$________ VERDICT Breach of contract to provide game machines for bars - Alleged loss of profits and other damages.
Philadelphia County, PA (167830)
$________ VERDICT Breach of contract for transfer of restaurant - Inability to obtain assignment of lease - Breach of warranties - Loss of restaurant business.
Philadelphia County, PA (162735)
$________ RECOVERY Restaurant negligence - UCC action - Chicken bone lodges in throat at ________ restaurant - Perforated esophagus - Scar tissue in throat.
Hampshire County, MA (161710)
$________ VERDICT INCLUDING $________ IN PUNITIVE DAMAGES Fraud - Promissory estoppel - Hotel franchising company permitted ________ to expend substantial monies to comply with property management plan knowing that it was not renewing the ________ franchise.
Crittenden County, Arkansas (161304)
$________ VERDICT Contract - Breach of contract - ________ signs promissory note to buy restaurant, but makes no payments - ________ pleads for amount due him.
Westchester County, NY (158853)
$________ for ________ - Breach of Contract - A general contractor did not want to split his profits with the man who informed him of the construction project and offered general assistance during the work, despite an alleged agreement between the two
Baldwin (164731)
$________ COMBINED VERDICT Breach of contract for maintenance of hotel sign - Breach of second contract for construction of new sign - Failure to pay sum due and owing.
Volusia County, FL (158090)
$________ for ________ - Breach of Contract - Investors in a sports bar alleged the operator falsified how much money was being made to avoid sharing profits
Jefferson (141720)
$________ for ________ - Breach of Contract - Following the sale of a Burger King franchise, the buyer agreed to indemnify the seller for any past due lease payments
Oklahoma Northern - Tulsa (146166)
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