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________ VERDICT ________ contended that ________ committed trespass and nuisance in operation of its golf course adjacent to the ________' homes.
Bristol County, Massachusetts (64396)
$________ for ________ less 30% comparative fault - Golf Course Negligence - At a golf course, the ________, proceeding in a golf cart with his foot hanging out, drove by a forklift that partially blocked a cart path; ________ sustained an injury to his foot
Texas Western - San Antonio (146266)
$________ VERDICT Negligent operation of golf cart - Golf cart/pedestrian collision - ________ pinned between golf carts - Injuries to left shin - Damages only.
Lake County (50029)
$________ GROSS VERDICT including $________ in punitive damages Failure to maintain wrought iron railing at golf course - Railing falls onto ________ foot - 25% comparative negligence found.
Santa Rosa County (48182)
________ verdict - ________ - Product Liability - A golf course groundskeeper was fatally electrocuted while repairing a pond fountain manufactured by the ________
Morgan (165406)
$________ VERDICT Negligent operation of golf cart - ________ leg caught between two carts - Ligament tear to right knee - Saphenous neuritis.
Philadelphia County (44236)
$________ VERDICT Strict liability - Comparative fault - Failure to maintain - Head of pitching wedge manufactured by the ________ became dislodged, striking the ________ in the skull - Fractured skull - Traumatic brain injury to right frontal lobe.
U.S. District Court, District of Colorado (43562)
________ VERDICT ON VERBAL THRESHOLD Failure to stop at stop sign - Cervical herniation allegedly hinders game of golf pro who can continue working at country club.
Bergen County (43397)
$________ for ________ less 6% comparative fault - PRODUCTS LIABILITY - In a freak occurrence, the ________ sustained a brain injury when the club head on his son's pitching wedge came loose and struck him
Colorado District - Denver (144137)
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