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$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ slips on an accumulation of water in the frozen food aisle of ________ grocery store – Right ankle tendon tear requiring surgery – Altered gait – Sprains and strains.
Philadelphia County, PA (195659)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ slips on a liquid in the common area of a building that was under control of ________ – Negligently allowing a dangerous condition to exist on the premises – Medial collateral ligament injury.
Philadelphia County, PA (195660)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Slip and fall – ________ trips and falls on ________ uneven sidewalk – Negligently allowing a dangerous and hazardous condition to exist on premises – Tibia/Fibula fracture.
Philadelphia County, PA (195421)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Hazardous premises – Slip and fall – Elderly decedent trips and falls on ________ grocery store’s excessively high curb – Wrongful Death of 83-year-old male.
Allegheny County, PA (195427)
$________ VERDICT Employer’s Liability – Tenant sues for personal injuries after falling 30 feet from ladder while painting for landlord – Bilateral heel fractures – Fractured wrist and vertebrae.
Hampden County, MA (195309)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Slip and fall on snow and ice – ________ slipped and fell while walking into her business in ________ building – Fractured ankle.
Essex County, MA (195324)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall down – Alleged improper removal of ice from outside steps leading from ________ office building – Slip and fall – Lumbar herniation – Fusion surgery and instrumentation – Inability to work.
Essex County, NJ (195354)
$________ GROSS VERDICT REDUCED BY 23% COMPARATIVE NEGLIGENCE – Premises Liability – Fall down – Slippery mat at bottom of interior stairs in common area of apartment building in which ________ resided – ________ tenant slips and falls on mat – Lumbar herniation – Two lumbar microdiscectomies and epidural injections – Subsequent diagnosis of arachnoiditis.
Bergen County, NJ (195356)
$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Fall down – Slip and fall in supermarket – Patella fracture – Meniscal tear – Death three years later from congestive heart failure that pre-existed fall.
Hudson County, NJ (195357)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ supermarket allegedly creates dangerous condition by leaving slippery powdery substance on aisle floor when stocking shelves – Lumbar herniation.
Rensselaer County, NY (195389)
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