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________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Trip and fall – ________ trips while trying to walk around obstructions on ________ sidewalk – Negligently causing and creating a hazardous and dangerous condition – Multiple minor sprains and strains
Philadelphia County, PA (194071)
$________ RECOVERY First floor tenant in building owned by ________ contends absence of railing on basement steps and steep risers cause fall – Comminuted humerus fracture on dominant arm
Hudson County, NJ (193758)
$________ RECOVERY ________ homeowner allegedly creates dangerous condition by placing low lying iron landscape edging on sidewalk and next to flower garden – Edging painted same color as surrounding area, heightening hazard – Fall – Fracture to right upper arm treated conservatively
Kings County, NY (193792)
$________ RECOVERY ________ homeowner allegedly begins snow and ice removal by chipping at ice, and then negligently fails to put down salt or sand – Slip and fall – Fractured right elbow – Surgery
Queens County, NY (193793)
$________ RECOVERY REACHED DURING JURY SELECTION – Wrongful Death – Premises Liability – Homeowner Negligence – Hazardous Premises – ________ homeowner negligently addresses flagstone that is raised by tree roots of city-owned tree by placing patch that obscures hazard – Fall Down – Fatal head injury with death 40 days later – Subarachnoid hemorrhage – Coma – Unmarried 74-year-old decedent was childless.
Queens County, NY (193796)
$________ VERDICT Homeowner's Negligence – Improper design and construction of deck at home – ________ was injured when homeowner's deck collapsed while standing on it – Diminished nerve sensation due to thoracic spine injury – Post traumatic stress disorder
York County, ME (193326)
$________ VERDICT – Premises liability – Slip and fall – Woman sues for fall on sidewalk – Mobility restrictions to right arm.
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas (193405)
$________ RECOVERY ________ homeowner operates ATV on ________' property and permits four individuals on ATV despite warning stickers on vehicle that occupancy should be limited to one person – ATV flips over and topples onto ________ causing bowel perforation – Abdominal scarring.
Ocean County, NJ (193093)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – Fall Down – ________ falls through a flight of basement stairs at ________' residence.
Suffolk County, NY (193148)
$________ RECOVERY Negligent Supervision – ________ owner of daycare leaves children unattended to go shopping – Fire erupts at home – Injuries, disfigurement and medical expenses.
333rd (193216)
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