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$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Landlord/Tenant – Lead poisoning – Failure to remedy lead paint violations in expedient manner – Anosmia.
Withheld County, MA (188574)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Landlord Negligence – Lead poisoning – Minor ________ alleges cognitive and behavioral deficits due to presence of lead paint.
Withheld County, MA (188765)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY Landlord/Tenant – Lead poisoning – Tenant ________ allege cognitive deficits as a result of ________ failure to remove lead paint.
Withheld County, MA (188376)
$________ VERDICT Municipal Liability – Flaking and chipping lead based paint in Housing Authority apartment – Child resides in apartment during first two years of life – Elevations of 13 and 11 mcg/dl found on routine blood testing – Reduced IQ.
Baltimore City County, MD (187635)
________ VERDICT Landlord/Tenant – Lead paint – Consumer fraud – Breach of warranty of habitability.
Middlesex County, MA (187700)
$________ VERDICT – Landlord Negligence – Lead Exposure – Lead Poisoning – Slightly elevated blood lead levels cause cognitive deficits involving concentration and attention – Award for child who retains above-average intelligence includes $________ for future tutoring and academic services.
Kings County, NY (187062)
$________ RECOVERY State Liability – Extensive lead poisoning in minor ________ from daycare and housing projects – Significantly diminished IQ scores five years later as compared with testing taken at time of lead diagnosis – Child currently in special education.
New York County, NY (187078)
$________ RECOVERY – Toxic Tort – Toxic Exposure – Lead Exposure – Lead Poisoning – Lead elevations noted on routine blood testing at age 2 years old – Numerous violations found in ________ apartment and in apartment of aunt who lived in premises across the street and owned by co-________ – IQ reduction – ADHD – Cognitive deficits in language and concentration.
Bronx County, NY (187079)
$________ AWARD Products Liability – Defective Design – ________ alleges reformulated topping compound lacks adequate cohesion – Damages include cost of repair, expert fees and increased operating expenses.
Los Angeles Superior Court (185750)
$________ VERDICT – Premises Liability – Hazardous Premises – Landlord Negligence – Lead Poisoning – Woman sues for diminished capacity as a result of lead poisoning as a child – Cognitive deficit – Diminished cognitive ability – Diminished earning capacity – ________ currently enrolled in community college and had accommodations throughout schooling.
Monroe County Supreme Court, NY (186136)