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________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/bus collision – ________ bus driver allegedly strikes rear of ________ car twice while stopped in bus stop, and then strikes ________ twice after he leaves his vehicle – Knee Injuries – Rotator cuff tear on dominant side – Liability only.
Kings County, NY (195613)
$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Intersection collision – ________ contends that ________ host driver changes to right lane to make right turn, and that non-host fails to make adequate observations, contributing to collision.
Bronx County, NY (195619)
$________ RECOVERY Motor Vehicle Negligence – Rear end collision – ACL and rotator cuff tear – Shoulder treated with arthroscopic surgery – ACL reconstruction surgery.
Suffolk County, NY (195622)
________ VERDICT ON DAMAGES Motor vehicle Negligence – Rear-end negligence – Collision allegedly causes left shoulder tears prompting arthroscopic surgery three weeks later – Damages only.
Queens County, NY (195623)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Fall down – ________ trips and falls on a broken or uneven portion of sidewalk located in front of ________ retail establishment – Failure to warn of the dangerous condition – Torn rotator cuff – Surgery required.
Allegheny County, PA (195658)
$________ GROSS VERDICT REDUCED BY 50% COMPARATIVE NEGLIGENCE Motor Vehicle Negligence – Auto/pedestrian collision – ________ struck by water delivery van that is backing up to exit parallel parking space as ________ is crossing between truck and vehicle behind truck – Dominant shoulder tear – Arthroscopic surgery.
Bronx County, NY (195379)
$________ VERDICT Motor Vehicle Negligence – Parking lot collision – ________ disregards a stop sign in a parking lot and collides with ________ vehicle – Negligently operating vehicle in an unsafe manner – Left rotator cuff tear – Damages only.
Philadelphia County, PA (195415)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Underinsured motorist claim – Rear end collision – Claimed rotator cuff injury with surgery – Damages/causation only – No permanent injury found
Sarasota County, FL (194764)
$________ VERDICT Insurance Obligation – Underinsured motorist claim – Negligent left turn – Front end collision – Rotator cuff tear with surgery – Damages/causation only
Palm Beach County, FL (194765)
$________ GROSS VERDICT Premises liability – Failure to maintain restaurant parking lot – Trip and fall – Rotator cuff tear – Arthroscopic surgery performed – 75% comparative negligence found.
Pinellas County, FL (194778)
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