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$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Negligent maintenance – Failure of employer’s landlord to properly remove ice and snow, despite complaints that snow from storm several weeks earlier had melted and refroze – ________ x-ray technician slips as she is transporting patient to car via wheelchair –Cervical fusion approximately six weeks after incident
Monmouth County, NJ (195187)
CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY OVER $________ Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – ________ sue ________ restaurant for malfunctioning door – Door slams on minor ________ finger – Finger injuries and medical expenses
County Court At Law 5 (195222)
$________ RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Wrongful Death – Men sue after their sister perishes in fire at trailer park – Death of Camile Vasquez
Los Angeles Superior Court (194561)
$________ CONFIDENTIAL RECOVERY – Premises Liability – Fall down – Negligent maintenance – Failure to give access to ice melt – ________ slips and falls on icy walkway – Fractures to lumbar discs – Surgery required
Withheld County, MA (194610)
________’ VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligent maintenance – ________ files a premises liability suit against ________ restaurant for failing to inspect the patio which posed an unreasonable risk of harm to patrons – Failed to correct the dangerous condition and warn the patrons – Head injuries; medical expenses. Medical Malpractice – Urology - ________ files a medical malpractice suit against ________ physician and hospital for failure to provide an experienced individual to care for the ________ – Bladder injuries; medical expenses.
190th (194487)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligent maintenance – ________ sues ________ meat company for an on-the-job injury she sustained while cutting meat – Right hand injuries; medical expenses.
157th (194508)
$________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligent Maintenance – ________ fails to have working smoke detectors on the premises he owned and rented, in which the decedent was a visitor – Decedent unable to escape the burning building – Wrongful death of 42-year-old male.
Philadelphia County, PA (194276)
________ VERDICT Premises Liability – Slip and fall – ________ slips on wet exterior staircase – Failure to properly maintain and repair the exterior staircase – Trimalleolar fracture – Surgery.
Philadelphia County, PA (194072)
$________ BENCH VERDICT Premises Liability – Negligence Maintenance – ________ apartment complex fails to fix lights on stairway – ________ trips and falls – Arm injuries; medical expenses.
11th (194101)
$________ RECOVERY Premises Liability – Negligence Maintenance – ________ fails to provide safety net around trampoline – ________ dogs cause minor ________ to fall off trampoline – Left arm fractures; medical expenses.
17th (194102)
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