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________ VERDICT Pennsylvania Lemon Law claim - Alleged breach of warranty in sale of new ________ Jeep Wrangler - Claimed soft top leak - Failure to repair after repeated attempts.
Philadelphia County, PA (161660)
________ VERDICT Alleged Pennsylvania Lemon Law violation - Alleged transmission problems in ________ Dodge Caliber - Continuing hydroplane sensation claimed.
Philadelphia County, PA (161661)
________ VERDICT Lemon Law action - Breach of warranty claim - Alleged failure to correct steering defect in ________ Mercedes-Benz - Claimed diminution in value of vehicle.
Philadelphia County, PA (158234)
$________ VERDICT Lemon Law claim - Magnuson-Moss Act - Breach of warranty in sale of Ford F250 truck - Continuing transmission problems.
Lee County, FL (158264)
________ VERDICT Lemon Law claim - Defective ________ Saturn Ion - Loss of engine power - Front end problems - Failure to repair defects after three attempts.
Leon County, FL (158265)
________ VERDICT Lemon Law claim - Alleged breach of federal Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act - Claimed defects in ________ Suzuki Forenza.
Hillsborough County, FL (158266)
________ VERDICT - Breach of warranty for sale of new vehicle - Lemon Law claim - Alleged failure of car manufacturer to correct excessive vehicle vibration.
Hernando County, FL (158267)
________ VERDICT Claimed breach of warranty in sale of new ________ Jeep Grand Cherokee - Continuing engine and transmission problems claimed - Alleged diminished value of automobile.
Philadelphia County, PA (157769)
For ________ - Lemon Law - A new Mercedes had so many problems that the owners brought it back for repairs five days after its purchase and then another sixteen times thereafter
Porter, Superior (167294)
________ verdict on liability - Lemon Law - ________ claimed that repeated repair attempts failed to correct defects in their newly purchased SUV; when the manufacturer refused ________' demand for revocation, and when arbitration was unsuccessful, ________ filed suit
Marion, Superior (167258)