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$________ RECOVERY – DOJ – Discrimination – City of Caribou settled sexual harassment accusation – Alleged violation of Civil Rights Act.
U.S. District Court, Maine (195549)
CONFIDENTIAL ________ RECOVERY – Discrimination – Civil Rights Act violation – ________ alleged that he was discriminated against because he is Palestinian and Muslim – Hostile work environment – ________ alleged he was routinely abused.
U.S District Court, Maine (195560)
________ VERDICT Sexual Harassment – ________ hires ________ from out of town, and upon her arrival, begins harassing and raping ________ – Sexual assault – Intentional infliction of emotional distress – Depression and anxiety.
Harris County, TX (195695)
$________ RECOVERY Municipal Liability – Discrimination – Former administrative assistant sues city manager for sexual harassment and retaliation – Alleged violation of Civil Rights Act.
U.S. District, Northern District, Iowa (195275)
________ VERDICT – Harassment – Discrimination – Sexual battery – Attorneys obtain ________ jury verdict on behalf of Beverly Hills Hotel
Los Angeles County, CA (195281)
$________ RECOVERY EEOC – Sexual harassment – Federal agency claimed that managers harassed four female workers, including two teens, and forced some women to quit – Violation of Title VII
U.S. District Court, New Mexico (195287)
$________ RECOVERY Title VII – Sexual Harassment – Female ________ employee alleged that she was subjected to a sexually hostile environment, and was terminated in retaliation for filing a complaint
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan (195288)
$________ ________ AWARD Wrongful Termination – Racially hostile work environment – African American ________ alleged he was subject to racial hostilities when he worked as a bouncer and was wrongfully terminated.
Suffolk County, MA (195310)
$________ RECOVERY Sexual harassment – ________ health care worker frequently subjected to offensive remarks by co-worker, with whom she had a relationship many years earlier – Emotional distress.
U.S. District Court, Southern, New York (195393)
Galveston County, TX (195439)