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$________ Medical malpractice - Inappropriate pre-surgery cardiac evaluation - Patient suffers heart attack during digestive surgery and then suffers fatal heart attack days later.

Cook County, Illinois

The plaintiff contended that the patient was not properly evaluated pre-surgery regarding his cardiac condition and history. The patient suffered a heart attack during the surgical procedure and then a second heart attack in the days following the surgery from which he died.

The defendants denied the allegations.

The 56-year-old male decedent underwent a procedure called a Nissen fundoplication procedure on June 14, ________. This procedure is designed to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The procedure took place at the defendant Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center.

The decedent, a smoker with high cholesterol levels also suffered from an enlarged heart.

During the surgery, a heart attack occurred which resulted in a hospitalization of another eleven days. His medical condition improved and the patient was discharged from the defendant hospital on June 26, ________. On the ride home, he sustained a subsequent heart attack and died. The patient had a pre-surgery cardiac work-up performed at the defendant Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The plaintiff claimed that the decedent’s death was related to the heart attack during the surgery and that the decedent was improperly evaluated in the pre-surgery cardiac work-up.

The defendants denied the allegations of negligence. The plaintiff’s expert contended that the patient’s gastroesophageal problems could mimic a heart condition and more detail should have been taken during the pre-surgery cardiac evaluation.

The parties agreed to settle the matter prior to trial. The defendant Illinois Masonic Medical Center (where the evaluation was performed) agreed to pay the sum of $________ and the defendant Rush-Presbyterian (where the surgery was performed) agreed to pay the sum of $________.

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