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Plaintiff Allstate Insurance Company brings suit against BMW, alleging fire that started in the garage of its insured, resulting in payout of $________ under the insured's homeowner's policy, was attributable to a manufacturing defect in the fuel rail of the ________ BMW 528i owned by the insured.

Maricopa County, Arizona

The plaintiff Allstate Insurance Company alleged that a manufacturing defect in the fuel rail of a ________ BMW 528i was the cause of a fire that originated in the garage of the plaintiff Allstate’s insured.

The fire in the garage caused approximately $________ in property damage to the garage and home.

The plaintiff called an automotive expert, who opined that the fire was caused by a manufacturing defect in the fuel rail, causing a gas leak that ignited the heated engine components. The plaintiff additionally called a local cause and origin expert who testified that the fire started in the engine compartment of the car and that the other appliances in the garage did not cause the fire.

The defendant BMW defended the claim by establishing that the manufacturing and quality control procedures were state-of-the- art, that there was no defect and that the fire did not originate in the engine compartment of the BMW. The defendant additionally maintained that a gas dryer, which was in use shortly before the fire, or any one of several other electrical items in the garage, could have been the source of the fire.

BMW offered expert testimony from an automotive expert to counter the expert offered by Allstate on the manufacturing defect issue.

The defense additionally called a cause and origin expert to counter the opinion offered by Allstate’s expert as to the source of the fire.

The jury found for the defendant.

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