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$________ Defendant drives through red light striking vehicle - Herniated disc at C6-C7.

Hennepin County, Minnesota

The plaintiff contended that the defendant motorist negligently ran a red light at an intersection, striking the plaintiff’s vehicle. The plaintiff maintained that she was initially diagnosed with soft tissue injuries. However, she subsequently was diagnosed with a disc herniation at C6-C7 which required surgery. The defendant disputed that the plaintiff’s injuries were causally related to the accident and pointed out that she had undergone prior back surgeries to her lower back just months prior to the incident.

On April 7, ________, the plaintiff was proceeding through the intersection of 34th Avenue South and the eastbound ramp of Interstate 94 with a green light. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant ran the red light at that intersection, colliding with the front left of the plaintiff’s vehicle. The plaintiff was taken by ambulance to the hospital and released with a diagnosis of soft tissue injuries.

The plaintiff maintained that she was treated conservatively with physical therapy, but had continuing complaints of pain in her cervical area and also the left side of her body. She began treating with a chiropractor who then referred her to a neurologist. The neurologist performed an MRI which confirmed that the plaintiff had a small, left paracentral disc herniation at C6-C7. This area had previously been diagnosed years earlier to be a bulging disc area. After continued conservative treatment with no alleviation of her symptoms, the plaintiff underwent surgery with a BAK cervical fusion.

The plaintiff, who was a flight attendant at the time of the accident, claimed that she was unable to perform her job duties as a result of the injuries suffered in this accident and has been forced to discontinue working in this field.

The defendant refuted that the injuries were caused by the accident and introduced evidence of the plaintiff’s prior back problems which had required multiple surgeries. The most recent of these lower back surgeries was performed in December ________, and the plaintiff had only just returned to work a few months before the subject accident occurred. The defendant also disputed that the plaintiff was unable to perform her duties as flight attendant due to the injuries sustained in the subject accident.

The defendant’s medical expert alleged that the injuries sustained by the plaintiff were not causally related to the accident and were exaggerated by the plaintiff.

The matter was resolved for the sum of $________ prior to trial.

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