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$________ Defective pneumatic spray paint gun - Disengagement of safety - Injection of spray paint into finger - Finger amputation - Emotional injuries.

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

The male plaintiff alleged that a commercial pneumatic spray paint gun manufactured by the defendant contained a defect which allowed its safety mechanism to disengage. The plaintiff maintained that he was using the paint gun when it accidentally fired, injecting paint into his finger.

The plaintiff testified that he was self-employed and was on a scaffold painting the walls inside a factory when he activated the safety on the commercial paint gun he was using. The plaintiff claimed that he accidentally bumped the paint gun, causing it to fire and inject paint into his left middle finger at ________ pounds per square inch of pressure. The plaintiff’s expert engineer testified that the paint gun was defectively designed in that it lacked a "detent" or notch which would keep the safety lock in position.

The plaintiff underwent four surgeries to treat tissue damage associated with the accident, culminating in the amputation of his middle finger at the palm. His hand surgeon testified that the plaintiff has been left with chronic pain and partial loss of function of his nondominant hand and arm. The plaintiff also claimed to suffer depression and other emotional injuries associated with the finger amputation. He had not returned to work by the time of trial. He claimed approximately $________ in unpaid medical expenses.

The defendant denied that the paint gun was defective. The p 7 3 defendant argued that the plaintiff misused the paint gun and failed to properly activate the safety mechanism. The defendant also denied that the plaintiff’s emotional difficulties were related to the accident. The defendant presented no witnesses and was entitled to the last closing argument.

The jury found the product defective and awarded the plaintiff $________. The plaintiff has filed posttrial motions.

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