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$________ Failure to provide guard in area outside bowling lanes - Alleged significant history of crime - Off duty officer usually present at time of Saturday night incident but defendant had no procedure for obtaining guard when one not available - Four stab wounds to back leave four small scars - Alleged permanent PTSD - No psychiatric treatment

Union County

The plaintiff patron at the defendant’s bowling alley, 21 at trial, contended that the defendant negligently failed to provide a security guard in the area outside of the premises despite it’s usual custom of having an off duty officer on hand on a Saturday night. The plaintiff contended that as a result, he was assaulted by a group of assailants and stabbed four times in back.

The plaintiff contended that there was a history of significant crime in the area and that such a guard was required.

The defendant maintained that most of the incidents pointed to by the plaintiff were of a different type of crime, such as assaults between individuals who knew each other, and that there were only approximately two similar assaults in the preceding five-year period.

The defendant further argued that the jury should consider that it had enhanced lighting in the parking lot and maintained a closed circuit television system, placing advisements of the system so that it would have act as a deterrent.

The plaintiff established that on most Saturday nights, an off duty police officer acted as a guard. The plaintiff contended that one was not available for the night in question and that the defendant negligently failed to have a procedure to cover this eventuality.

The plaintiff contended that it was initially feared that he suffered a knick to the kidney, but that it was ruled out after the plaintiff was kept in the hospital overnight for observation.

The plaintiff, who did not suffer significant internal injuries, maintained that the four stab wounds left four small, but visible circular scars in the back area.

The plaintiff also maintained that he suffered PTSD and the plaintiff’s examining psychiatrist maintained that he will suffer symptoms for the foreseeable future.

The plaintiff did not undergo psychiatric treatment.

The pre-trial demand of $________ was reduced to $________ during trial. The defendant’s offer was $________.

There was no definitive identification of the assailants.

The jury found for the plaintiff and awarded $________

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