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$________ Open firepit - The plaintiff falls into open firepit - Second and third degree burns to 19% of the body - Fourth degree burns to fingers - Loss of right breast.

Los Angeles County, California

This was a premises liability matter in which the plaintiff alleged that the defendant restaurant was negligent in maintaining an open firepit in violation of local and state rules and regulations. The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was intoxicated and comparatively negligent.

On June 11, ________ the female plaintiff was a patron at the defendant’s restaurant. The defendant had an open firepit located in the restaurant, which burned logs. The plaintiff fell into the open, unguarded firepit and suffered severe burns. The plaintiff sustained second and third degree burns to her upper torso, back, right breast and arm. The burns covered 19% of the plaintiff’s body. Some of the burns on the plaintiff’s fingers were almost fourth degree burns and caused severe deformity to four of the plaintiff’s fingers on her right hand and the loss of her right breast.

The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant restaurant alleging that the defendant was negligent in permitting an open unguarded firepit to exist in the restaurant. The plaintiff alleged that the existence of the firepit was in violation of local and state rules and regulations.

The defendant maintained that its firepit did not violate any local or state rules or regulations. The defendant further contended that the plaintiff was injured as a result of her own negligence. The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was intoxicated at the time that she fell into the firepit.

The matter settled for the sum of $________ during the second week of trial.

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