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Allegheny County

The 46-year-old female plaintiff contended that she suffered soft tissue injury to her neck, back and shoulder and chronic pain syndrome as a result of a rear end collision in which her vehicle was struck by a vehicle operated by the defendant. The collision occurred on May 17, ________, at the intersection of Davidson Road and Route ________ in Plumborough. The plaintiff maintained that she was in the number 2 position behind another vehicle at the stop sign on Davidson Road when the defendant, failing to stop, struck her vehicle in the rear. The plaintiff maintained that in addition to the soft tissue injuries and chronic pain syndrome, she also suffered from TMJ. The plaintiff asserted that her injuries required orthopedic treatment and in house therapy at a pain clinic. The plaintiff’s expert dentist testified that he diagnosed the plaintiff as suffering from TMJ, that her prognosis is guarded and that the injury was causally related to the subject collision. The plaintiff’s treating neurologist and psychologist contended that the plaintiff sustained chronic pain syndrome and that her pain was not fabricated. The defendant contended that he received a concussion as a result of the collision and had no recollection of the time preceding the accident or of the events subsequent to the accident. The defendant introduced medical records indicating that he had suffered a concussion and temporary memory loss. The defendant contended that the plaintiff did suffer injuries as a result of the collision. The defendant further asserted that soft tissue injuries resolve within three months to one year and that any injury the plaintiff may have suffered would have resolved. The defendant’s expert orthopedist testified that he examined the plaintiff and found no objective evidence of injury to support her alleged complaints. The jury found for the plaintiff and awarded $________ in medical expenses, $________ in lost wages sustained during a one year absence from her job as a waitress, and $________ for pain and suffering. Steen vs. Christy. Case no.

86-________; Judge James H. McLean, 1-30-90. Attorney for plaintiff: Richard Cipullo in Pittsburgh; Attorney for defendant: Richard Levine in Pittsburgh. Plaintiff’s expert dentist: Dr. John Adams of Latrough. Plaintiff’s treating neurosurgeon and psychiatrist: Dr. John Delany of Pittsburgh. Defendant’s expert orthopedist: Dr. John Durning of Pittsburgh.

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