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Palm Beach County

The management company and ownership group of an apartment complex where the 27-year-old female plaintiff resided were the defendants in this negligent security action. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants failed to provide adequate security to prevent a sexual attack upon the plaintiff in her apartment. The defendants maintained that the security measures at the apartment complex were adequate and that the crime was neither foreseeable nor preventable.

The plaintiff had moved from New York into the defendant’s apartment Complex in Boca Del Mar on July 7, ________. Three weeks later, on August 2, ________, an intruder broke into the plaintiff’s apartment through a first floor screen patio porch. The intruder forced open the sliding glass door and raped and sodomized the plaintiff in her apartment.

The plaintiff underwent psychological counseling for emotional injuries she sustained as a result of the attack. The plaintiff’s psychologist testified that the plaintiff sustained emotional injuries as a result of the attack.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant management company and defendant ownership group were negligent in their failure to employ reasonable security measures such as supplemental sliding glass door locking devices, adequate security lighting, perimeter control fencing, access gates and security patrols. The plaintiff claimed that there was a significant history of burglaries on the property and violent crimes including rape and sexual deviancy in the immediate area, which put the defendants on notice that violent crime on the property was reasonably foreseeable and that adequate security measures were necessary to prevent it.

The defendants argued that because there was never a violent crime of any type on their property before the plaintiff was raped, the plaintiff’s rape was not foreseeable. The defendants also claimed that the sliding glass door locks on the apartments were adequate and that porch lighting was available for all residents. The defendant’s security experts testified that the rapist more likely than not had stalked his victim and that this particular crime was not deterable.

The jury returned a verdict finding the defendants each 45% negligent and the plaintiff 10% comparatively negligent. The plaintiff was awarded $________ including $________ for past pain and suffering and $________ for future pain and suffering. The award was reduced according to the plaintiff’s comparative negligence. The plaintiff’s motions to tax costs and the defendants’ motion for New Trial are pending.

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