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$________ - Alleged dangerous single step walkway leading from premises of defendant eye doctor - Fall down - Comminuted, displaced wrist fracture - Internal fixation - Soft tissue lumbar injuries - Aggravation of lumbar degenerative disc disease.

Camden County

The plaintiff, a 59-year-old woman, contended that a single step stairway leading from the defendant ophthalmologist’s office to the walkway was dangerous because it was the same color and texture as the adjacent walkway, making it difficult to see. The plaintiff contended that as a result, she slipped and fell as she was exiting the defendant’s office. The plaintiff further asserted that the defendant had a heightened duty to ensure that the premises was safe for pedestrians since the property was being used as an eye doctor’s office and the evidence revealed that the plaintiff had her eyes dilated during an eye examination prior to the incident.

The plaintiff’s expert engineer maintained that the defendant should have painted the edge of the step with a contrasting color and/or placed a "watch your step" sign to alert pedestrians to the presence of the step. The defendant claimed that the property was safe and that the step was plainly visible to pedestrians.

The defendant maintained that no warnings or other measures were required. The defendant also contended that the plaintiff was comparatively negligent in failing to make proper observations.

The plaintiff suffered a comminuted and displaced Smith’s fracture of the right wrist requiring open reduction internal fixation with the insertion of multiple screws. The plaintiff also maintained that she suffered lumbar sprains and strains, and an aggravation of preexisting degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine. The plaintiff, who did not have health insurance, claimed approximately $________ in unpaid medical bills. The plaintiff also claimed approximately $________ in losses related to her business, a travel agency which she required assistance to keep operational for a significant time period after her injury.

The jury found that the defendant was ________% negligent and awarded $________.

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