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DEFENDANTS' Slip and fall on concrete floor in casino parking garage - Alleged improper patching of concrete floor - Liability only.

Camden County

The plaintiff casino/hotel patron contended that she slipped and fell on a concrete floor situated in the defendant’s parking garage. The plaintiff contended that cars had tracked water onto the area during rainy conditions and that the defendant casino should have placed warning signs.

The plaintiff presented a witness who maintained that the plaintiff slipped and fell as she walked over a concrete patch which had been applied to effectuate previous repairs. The plaintiff contended that the defendant contractor which placed the patch negligently failed to add grit or other substances to p 7 3 reduce the slippery surface of the concrete.

The defendant contractor named the concrete manufacturer as a third-party defendant, contending that if the concrete was slippery, the manufacturer should have provided more complete instructions regarding the mixing of the concrete. The defendants denied that the floor was unreasonably dangerous and contended that the incident occurred despite a safe floor. The hotel’s security guard denied that the plaintiff slipped on the concrete patch and presented a photograph which he subsequently took depicting the area he contended the fall occurred, which did not contain any patch.

The jury specifically found that the plaintiff did not slip on a patch and found that the defendants were not negligent.

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