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$________ Motor Vehicle Negligence – Sideswipe negligence – Defendant driver strikes plaintiff driver on side as traveling on helix – Mild impact damage trauma superimposed on previously asymptomatic spinal stenosis.

Hudson County, NJ

The plaintiff driver, in his mid-40s, contended that the defendant driver sideswiped him as the vehicles were traveling on the helix after the Lincoln Tunnel exit. The defendant did not significantly contest causing the collision, but denied that the accident had caused permanent injuries, which involved minor damage and cars that were driven to the scene. The plaintiff maintained that he had previously asymptomatic spinal stenosis in the cervical area and that predisposed him to greater injury upon relatively minor trauma. The plaintiff contended that he developed disc pathology, was afraid of recommended surgery and underwent physical therapy.

The plaintiff had been employed in the computer field, and had been in a very upwardly mobile position that entailed a great deal of traveling. The plaintiff contended that he can no longer travel for work and has been assigned to a desk job with the same company at a comparable salary, but with very limited growth potential.

The plaintiff would have made future income claims that approached $________.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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