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$________ REACHED DURING TRIAL Premises Liability – Hazardous premises – One step landing near outer door of hall hosting party is dangerous because of similar color as surrounding ground – As plaintiff moves for people walking by, plaintiff trips forward, striking face on metal planter – LeForte facial fractures – Open reduction.

Burlington County, NJ

The plaintiff, who was leaving a party that was hosted at the defendant fire hall, contended that the landing situated directly outside the door was dangerous because it was of a similar color as the surrounding ground. The plaintiff also maintained that the landing violated applicable code provisions.

She alleged that as she moved out of the way when people tried to walk passed her, she moved, and since she had not realized that the landing was relatively small, she stepped off, caught her heel on the edge and was propelled forward face-first into a planter. The defendant denied that the area was dangerous or that it had any notice of a hazardous condition.

The plaintiff suffered Le Forte facial fractures and required surgery. She also endured a severed nerve and was left with an intermittent sensation that was described as being similar to ants walking on her face. The plaintiff maintained that on average, she suffers several episodes of approximately ten minutes per day. The facial scarring is slight and the rib fractures essentially resolved. The plaintiff made no income claims.The case settled during trial for $________.

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