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$________ Dog Bite – Then 10-year-old boy bitten in upper lip by Jack Russell Terrier – Suturing and slight scarring – Revision surgery projected to be performed several years into future.

Erie County, NY

This was a bifurcated case, and the liability trial was reported on P. 15 of Vol. 32 Issue 1 (Jan ________) of this publication. The infant plaintiff was bitten once in the upper lip area. The plaintiff’s initial treatment included suturing of the bite wound, and the infant plaintiff was left with relatively mild scarring. The plaintiff’s plastic surgeon related that a revision will probably be performed in approximately three years. The physician opined that even with an optimum result, some scarring will remain permanently.

The evidence reflected that if performed currently, the surgery would cost approximately $________. The final offer prior to trial was $________.The damages jury awarded $________ for past pain and suffering, $________ for future pain and suffering, $________ for past medical bills, and $________ for future medical bills.

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