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$________ Premises Liability – Fall down – Failure to maintain office building – Interior step crumbles, causing fall – SLAP tear and tendonosis – No income claims – Case settles following for $________ in accordance with $________/$________ high/low agreement.

Bergen County, NJ

In this premise liability action, the plaintiff, in his 50s, contended that the defendant failed to provide adequate maintenance to the office building, which in the months leading up to the accident, and until shortly before the incident – had been in receivership. The plaintiff maintained that the elevators did not function reliably, and that he, therefore, took the stairs. The plaintiff maintained that as he descended from the sixth floor, a step crumbled under him and that he fell a number of stairs to the concrete landing.

The defendant contended that the plaintiff may well have fallen on the prior step as a result of becoming entangled in his own feet, and that there was an absence of proximate cause. The plaintiff maintained that he suffered a SLAP Tear to the left shoulder and tendonosis of the left elbow. The plaintiff maintained that although he is right hand dominant, he is an avid golfer, and that extensive pressure is placed on the left shoulder as he swings.

The plaintiff made no income or future medical claims.The jury found the defendant ________% negligent, and awarded the plaintiff $________. The parties had entered into a $________/$________ high/low agreement, and the case settled for $________.

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