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$________ Motor Vehicle Negligence – Head-on collision – Hip fracture – Open reduction/internal fixation – Plaintiff contends he will need two future hip replacements – Soft tissue lumbar injuries – No future income claims – Damages only.

Westchester County, NY

The plaintiff driver’s motion for Summary Judgment on liability was granted in August ________ in this case in which the plaintiff driver, 30 years old at the time of the accident, and 35 at trial, contended that the defendant driver who was traveling in the opposite direction, crossed over and struck him head-on.

The plaintiff maintained that he sustained a fractured left acetabulum, which required open reduction and internal fixation. The plaintiff spent three weeks in the hospital, and five weeks in a rehab facility. The plaintiff’s orthopedist maintained that the plaintiff will probably require two hip replacement procedures in the future. The plaintiff also maintained that he suffered no-fracture injuries to one of his knees, and that the pain has continued to increase. He opined that he will probably require two knee replacements in the future as well. The plaintiff further maintained that the soft tissue lumbar injuries will cause permanent pain and restriction.

The defendant denied that the alleged knee and lower back difficulties were causally related, and contended that they stemmed from excessive weight. The plaintiff, who weighed approximately ________ pounds at the time of the accident, maintained that the injuries have resulted in additional immobility and weight gain.

The plaintiff, who earned approximately $________ a year working for a home improvement chain, missed three years from work.The defendant offered $________, and the plaintiff demanded $________. The jury awarded ________, including: ________ for past medical bills, $________ for past loss of earnings, $________ for future medical costs, $________ for past pain and suffering, and $________ for future pain and suffering.

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