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$________ Premises Liability – Hazardous premises – Minor child injured while descending defendant’s slide at a local park – Failure to correct or eliminate a hazardous condition – Tibial spiral fracture.

Bucks County, PA

The minor male was at a local park, utilizing the equipment, when he was injured while descending a sliding board. The plaintiffs maintained that the defendants were negligent in providing an unsafe slide on the premises. The defendants denied being negligent, and argued that the minor plaintiff was not properly supervised by his guardian.

On April 12, ________, the less than two-year-old male minor was at a park in the defendant township using equipment designed, manufactured, installed, and maintained by the defendants when he was injured while proceeding down a slide. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants were negligent in having an unsafe slide on the premises, and their complaint specifically stated that the defendants were negligent in failing to adequately inspect, discover, and maintain the premises, failing to correct or eliminate a hazardous condition, creating an unsafe condition for a child of the minor’s age, and failing to provide the playground equipment with warning signs regarding appropriate use of the equipment. As a result, the plaintiff suffered a fractured tibia of the right leg with a spiraling fracture up to the knee. All defendants denied all allegations of negligence. The defendants brought in the adult in charge of supervising the minor as an additional defendant, alleging that she failed to properly supervise the minor, which was how he was injured.The plaintiff settled with Game Time, a division of Playcore and Bitting Recreation jointly and severally for $________.

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