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$________ JUDGMENT Personal Negligence – Civil assault – Defendant attacks plaintiff with baseball bat – Ruptured spleen – Liver laceration – Multiple bruises – Collapsed lung

Fairfield County, CT

In this negligence matter, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant was negligent for assaulting and beating the plaintiff intentionally with a baseball bat. As a result of the incident, the plaintiff suffered serious injuries, including: A ruptured spleen, laceration to his liver, and a collapsed lung. The defendant denied the allegations, and disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages.

On March 18, ________, the 38-year-old plaintiff was residing with the defendant’s stepdaughter and their son. The stepdaughter and the plaintiff had an argument, and the stepdaughter took the plaintiff’s son and left to go to her mother’s house. When the plaintiff went to the mother’s house to see his son, he had a physical altercation with the defendant when the defendant told the plaintiff to leave. The defendant then went upstairs. The stepdaughter and child went to leave with the plaintiff. The plaintiff was carrying his son when the defendant came downstairs with an aluminum baseball bat and began to attack the plaintiff. As a result of the attack, the plaintiff suffered multiple serious injuries, and was diagnosed with: A Grade 1-2 splenic laceration, a ruptured sub scapular hematoma of the spleen, a Grade 3 liver laceration, a collapsed lung, and various bruising. The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant alleging: Negligence, assault and battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiff incurred medical bills totaling $________ as a result of the injuries sustained in the incident.

The defendant denied the allegations, and disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages.The matter was tried before the court, which found in favor of the plaintiff on all counts of his complaint. The court awarded the plaintiff the total sum of $________ in damages, consisting of $________ for economic damages, and $________ for non-economic damages. Judgment was entered accordingly. The plaintiff may be entitled to an additional award of attorney fees, which will be decided post-judgment.

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