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$________ Intellectual Property – Misappropriation of trade secrets— Intellectual property – Plaintiff alleged that defendant misappropriated engineering designs – Interference with business relationship

San Diego County, CA

In this intellectual property matter, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant company, and one of the plaintiff’s former employees, misappropriated trade secrets consisting of engineering designs. The plaintiff alleged economic damages as a result of the defendant’s actions. The defendant denied the allegations and disputed the plaintiff’s allegations of damages.

The plaintiff corporation is involved in the manufacture of oceanographic video, cameras, lights, and deep water power equipment. The plaintiff’s employee, defendant, Gray, left the plaintiff’s employ and began to work for the defendant, plaintiff’s competitor. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant employee breached his non-disclosure agreement by misappropriating trade secrets in the form of engineering files and design drawings and turned them over to his new employer, the defendant. The plaintiff contended that the defendant company took its proprietary designs and used them to its own advantage to lure the plaintiff’s customers away by intentionally interfering with the plaintiff’s existing customer relationships. The plaintiff brought suit against both the defendant company and the plaintiff’s former employee alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and intentional interference with the plaintiff’s customer relationships which resulted in economic damages to the plaintiff.

The defendant denied the allegations and disputed liability and damages. The defendants maintained that the plaintiff did not own the alleged trade secrets and that the defendants had the right to use the engineering files and design drawings.

The matter proceeded to trial over a period of four days.At the conclusion of the trial, the jury deliberated for one day, and returned its verdict in favor of the plaintiff. The jury determined that, in addition to liability, the defendants also acted in a manner in which punitive damages were warranted. The jury awarded the plaintiff the total sum of $________ that consisted of $________ in compensatory damages and $________ in punitive damages as to defendant, Gray, and $________ in punitive damages as to defendant, SubAqua.

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