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$________ Nursing home negligence – Alleged multiple failures to timely respond to call bell – 89-year-old patient who is capable of going to restroom, attempts to walk by herself, and after significant period, collapses – Hip fracture allegedly leads to death some months later

Camden County, NJ

This action involved an 89-year old resident of the defendant nursing home, whose family paid $________ per month to the defendant. The plaintiff contended that the patient would often be ignored for extended periods when she used the call button to summon help to walk to the restroom. The son, who lived in approximately five minutes away from the nursing home, supported that, at times, his mother would call, complain that no one was answering the call bell, and that by the time he arrived, no one had yet to respond.

The plaintiff maintained that the after waiting for an extended period, the decedent attempted to leave bed by herself, fell, and suffered a hip fracture that precipitated a downward spiral that culminated in her death some months later.

The plaintiff also maintained that the defendant violated provisions of the Nursing Home Act, relating to care of patients and that such violations should warrant an award of attorney fees. The defendant denied that it failed to reasonably respond when a call bell was activated, and contended that impatience on the part of the resident was the cause of the attempt to leave bed by herself. The defendant also denied that the hip fracture was causally related to the death. The defendant further denied that violations of the act occurred.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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