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Medical Malpractice – Urology negligence – Alleged negligent prophylactic use of antibiotics in patient with urinary stricture and neurogenic bladder

Duval County, FL

This was a medical malpractice action that involved a plaintiff who had a history of a urinary stricture, and a number of urinary infections. He contended that the defendant urologist was negligent in prophylactically prescribing the antibiotic macrodantin, which carries a risk of the development of pulmonary fibrosis, and which was used by the patient for approximately seven years. The plaintiff maintained that in view of the risks, and the fact that the medication was prescribed prophylactically, subjecting the patient to such a risk was clearly negligent.

The defendant contended that prescribing the medication as a preventative measure was proper, as in, performing the risk vs. benefit analysis, the physician used appropriate judgment in prescribing the drug.

The defendant also contended that in view of the fact that the onset of pulmonary fibrosis occurred three years after the drug was ceased, there was no correlation.

The defendant maintained that there was no indication in the literature showing an association after such a long time frame elapsed.The jury found for the defendant.

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