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$________ TOTAL False arrest of moving man after woman across the street calls ________ after seeing a person flee from her apartment onto fire escape

U.S. District - Eastern County, NY

This case involved plaintiff movers in which the plaintiff contended that when a neighbor across the street in an apartment building of the person being moved realized that she was a victim of a break-in and observed the back of one of the criminals running away, she called the police and gave a description that included clothing worn by one of the plaintiffs. The plaintiff maintained that, although the tenant could not identify this plaintiff mover, and notwithstanding that none of her possessions were found, the police placed this plaintiff under arrest. The tenant had also reported losing cash and the police believed that $________ that this plaintiff was carrying was stolen from the apartment. This plaintiff countered that he had obtained this money from a tax refund, and that there was clearly no probable cause for the arrest.

The charges were dismissed after two court appearances.The case also involved a plaintiff who was assisting and who was not indicted on criminal charges stemming from the incident. The plaintiff brought a malicious prosecution charge as to this plaintiff, and maintained that although the eye witness neighbor across the street could not identify him, this plaintiff was required to attend a number of court appearances before the criminal charges were ultimately dismissed.The case involving the co plaintiff who was not indicted settled prior to trial for $________. The case of the other plaintiff settled in Spring ________ for $________

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