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– Medical Malpractice – Ob/Gyn negligence – Surgery negligence – Perforated bowel – Sepsis

Essex County, MA

In this medical malpractice matter, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant ob/gyn was negligent during a laparotomy procedure, perforating the plaintiff’s bowel. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff required a small bowel resection, and was diagnosed with sepsis. The defendant denied the allegations, and maintained that he was not negligent.

The 21-year-old female plaintiff came under the care of the defendant ob/gyn. Due to complaints of ongoing abdominal and gastrointestinal pain, the plaintiff underwent an exploratory laparotomy and adhesiolysis. During the surgery, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant failed to evaluate the plaintiff’s bowel prior to concluding the surgery. In fact, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant perforated the plaintiff’s bowel. As a result, the plaintiff was required to undergo a small bowel resection, and suffered from both sepsis and peritonitis. The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant alleging negligence in the performance of the surgery, which resulted in the bowel perforation.

The defendant denied the allegations of negligence and disputed the plaintiff’s claim of damages. The defendant maintained that the plaintiff was aware that injury to the bowel was a recognized complication of the procedure, to which she gave informed consent. The defendant further contended that he was concerned about the bowel during the procedure, and consulted with another surgeon prior to concluding the surgery. The defendant maintained that he was not required to perform any bowel integrity test when it did not appear to either he, or the surgical consult, that any injury had occurred to the bowel. The defendant argued that any complaints by the plaintiff of continued pain were not related to the surgery, but were related to other gastrointestinal problems that the plaintiff was experiencing, such as possibly Crohn’s disease.

The matter proceeded to trial.At the conclusion of the trial, the jury deliberated and returned its verdict in favor of the defendant and against the plaintiff. No damages were awarded.

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