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$________ PRE-SUIT Dog Bite – Minor plaintiff was bitten by dog while visiting the home with his parents – Facial injuries including lacerations to lip and face – Facial scarring – Surgery required

Riverside County, CA

In this dog bite case, the plaintiffs allege that the defendant was negligent in failing to properly monitor and handle his dog, which resulted in the dog biting the minor plaintiff in the face. The defendant denied liability, and maintained that the child placed himself in an unsafe area near the dog.

On January 13, ________, the 8-year-old male plaintiff, his parents, and his sibling, visited the defendant at his home. The defendant resides with his two dogs: a pit bull and a chihuahua. The minor plaintiff was standing in the master bedroom when the defendant’s pit bull starting barking and bit the plaintiff in the face. The dogs ran out of the room as the plaintiff father approached the child. He was taken by his parents to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a complex laceration to his left lip, oral commisure, and face. He underwent surgery to repair this laceration under general anesthesia. The plaintiff also underwent a wedge resection of his left lower lip related to this injuries sustained when he was bitten. The plaintiff continues to have scarring around his mouth and may require future scar revision surgeries.

The plaintiffs brought a claim with the defendant’s insurance company alleging negligence on the part of the owner in failing to properly handle and monitor his dog.

The defendant insurance company contended that the child placed himself in an unsafe area near the dog.The parties agreed to resolve the plaintiff’s case for the sum of $________ in a pre-suit settlement between the parties. The plaintiff father waived his NIED claim to portion of the settlement in order to maximize the recovery for his son. The plaintiff incurred approximately $________ in medical expenses related to this injury.

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