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$________ – Civil Rights – Discrimination – Retaliation – Husband and wife plaintiffs alleged that they were discriminated against and fired by defendant when plaintiff became pregnant and the couple refused to get their father to drop his age discrimination claim against the defendant

USDC, District of Connecticut

In this civil rights matter, the plaintiffs allege that they were subjected to retaliation, discrimination, and termination when they refused to cooperate with the defendant’s request to get their father to withdraw his age discrimination claim. The defendants denied any wrongdoing, and maintained that there was no discrimination or retaliation.

The plaintiffs, a husband and wife, worked for the defendant restaurant/catering business. The plaintiffs’ father had also been an employee, but had been terminated. The father alleged that his termination amounted to age discrimination and filed a claim against the defendants. The defendants asked the plaintiffs to speak to the father about withdrawing his claim threatening the female plaintiff with "consequences" if she refused to help them by convincing the father to drop his age discrimination complaint. The plaintiff refused to do any such thing. Shortly thereafter, she advised the defendants that she was pregnant. Four months after advising the defendants, the female plaintiff was terminated, allegedly for accepting tips from vendors in violation of company policy. The plaintiff husband was terminated shortly thereafter for allegedly providing the wife’s attorneys with a copy of a check from vendor which would assist with her litigation. The defendant advised the male plaintiff that his position was being eliminated. He was employed as the Director of Operations. The plaintiffs brought suit against the defendants alleging pregnancy discrimination and retaliation.

The defendants denied the allegations and maintained that the plaintiff wife was terminated solely for the violation of company policy and that the plaintiff husband’s position was eliminated. The defendants denied that there was any retaliation or discrimination.

The matter proceeded to trial.At the conclusion of the trial, the jury returned a mixed verdict. The jury found in favor of the female plaintiff on her claim of pregnancy discrimination and she was awarded a total of $________ consisting of backpay. The jury found in favor of the defendant and against the plaintiff husband on his claim of retaliation.

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