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$________ – Class action – Fraud – Car Rental Agency Accused of Overcharging on Tolls - Violation of NJ Consumer Fraud Act.

U.S.D.C., NJ

In this action, a class accused a Car rental company of violating the terms of its contracts. The matter was resolved through a settlement.

The class in this action was comprised of customers who, between July 1, ________, and March 31, ________, rented a vehicle from the defendant, Hertz and used PlatePass. Platepass is a service used to pay tolls electronically, and is charged in addition to the tolls themselves. The defendant, a Park Ridge, NJ business, was accused of failing to tell its customers of an advanced $________ daily admin fee to be added to their bills for use of PlatePass.

The matter was mediated many times between ________-________. Hertz was accused of fraud (violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act), Unjust Enrichment, Conversion, and Civil Conspiracy. A class was later certified to encompass all persons in the U.S. who rented a vehicle from the defendant between July 1, ________, and March 31, ________, and used PlatePass. The defendant denied the accusation.The action was ultimately resolved through a settlement with court approval, in which the defendant Hertz agreed to pay $________ to the class, as well as $3.________.________ in fees to class counsel, as well as $________ in expenses. An additional award of $________ was paid to the class representatives, Susan D. and Dwight S.. Settlement was approved after a lengthy hearing in December of ________. Class members will receive a refund of 67 percent of all PlatePass charges made on their first rental, and 38 percent refunded on each additional transaction.

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