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$________ Medical Malpractice – Surgery – Defendant doctor fails to diagnose post-operative infection – Failure to recognize and diagnose the signs and symptoms of infection – Osteomyelitis – Surgery to treat the infection required.

Philadelphia County, PA

In this medical malpractice action, the plaintiff maintained that she treated with the defendant doctor for care of painful bunions and the defendant performed surgery. Following the surgery, the plaintiff developed an infection that the defendant failed to diagnose and treat. The defendant argued that the plaintiff was treated in accordance with all medical standards and denied being negligent.

On May 5, ________, the female plaintiff came under the care of the defendant doctors for treatment of painful bunions. On June 4, ________, she underwent a right bunionectomy performed by the defendant Rapoport. On June 18, ________, the plaintiff called the defendant’s office to report pain and swelling at the incision site. The plaintiff was seen by Rapoport who diagnosed a pin tract infection and removed the pin. On June 23rd, with pain and swelling continuing to plague the plaintiff, she presented to a local hospital and received treatment for infection until she was discharged on June 27th.

The plaintiff’s symptoms persisted and the plaintiff contacted the defendants. The plaintiff was told by the defendants that her infection had cleared and that she needed to be patient regarding the pain and swelling. On September 18, ________, the plaintiff presented to another local hospital with pain and swelling and was diagnosed with osteomyelitis which had spread into the bone. The plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries and treatment for her condition.

The plaintiff maintained that the defendant doctor was negligent in failing to prescribe appropriate medications and antibiotics, failing to recognize and diagnose the signs and symptoms of infection, failing to perform appropriate diagnostic studies and failing to keep the plaintiff in the hospital for additional tests and treatment. As a result, the plaintiff suffered osteomyelitis, multiple surgeries required, emotional distress and depression and anxiety. The defendant denied all liability and injury and argued that the plaintiff was properly treated in accordance with her symptoms and all medical standards.The jury found the defendant Rapoport only to be negligent, and awarded the plaintiff damages of $________.

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