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$________ Slip and fall on slippery marble floor of mall vestibule – Ligament tear to left elbow – Arthroscopic surgery.

Morris County, NJ

The plaintiff mall shopper, in her 50s, contended that the marble tile floor in the vestibule was inherently slippery. Although there was a carpet in the middle of the vestibule, the perimeter of the vestibule was marble. It was snowing that day, and the plaintiff contented that mats or other devices should have been used in the vestibule. The defendant denied that the area was dangerous and maintained that the plaintiff failed to walk with sufficient care and was comparatively negligent.

The plaintiff suffered an elbow medial collateral ligament tear on the left, non-dominant side. The plaintiff contended that despite arthroscopic surgery, he will permanently suffer some pain and instability.

The plaintiff made no income claims. The defendant would have produced no expert testimony.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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