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$________ Premises Liability – Slip and Fall – Minor plaintiff slips and falls on spilled ice tea in an aisle of the defendant grocery store – Failure to warn of the dangerous condition – Fractured teeth requiring oral surgery.

Bucks County, PA

In this premises liability action, the female minor maintained that as she was walking down the aisle of the defendant’s grocery store, she was caused to slip and fall on a puddle of ice tea that was on the floor. The defendant being aware of the spill and argued that the minor was comparatively negligent.

On March 29, ________, the female minor was a business invitee of the defendant grocery store. While the minor was walking in the milk aisle, she slipped and fell on an accumulation of iced tea that had spilled on the floor. The plaintiff’s complaint maintained that the defendant store was negligent in causing a tea colored liquid to be on the floor of the milk aisle, failing to inspect the floor and clean it in a timely manner, allowing a defective and dangerous condition to exist on the premises, failing to barricade the condition and failing to warn of the dangerous condition.

As a result, the plaintiff suffered complicated crown fractures of teeth 8 and 9 requiring oral surgery with Cvek’s pulpotomies followed by acid etch composite restoration. The plaintiff’s treating dentist also indicated that future root canal surgery was possible. The defendant denied all allegations of negligence and argued that they had no notice of any spill on the floor of the store. The defendant also maintained that the minor plaintiff was comparatively negligent.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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