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$________ Product Liability – Manufacturing Defect of a Screen Door – Minor plaintiff cuts back of her heel on sharp corner of door manufactured by defendant – Failure to round out metal corner of screen door – Laceration of left Achilles – Sutures required.

Allegheny County, PA

In this minor’s settlement, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendant manufacturer negligently failed to round off the corner of a screen door making the door dangerous. The minor sustained a laceration to the back of her left lower extremity when the door closed on her leg. The defendants denied negligently manufacturing the door.

On June 16, ________, the female minor was walking through her screen door at her residence when the door snapped back and caught the back of her left leg lacerating her left Achilles tendon. The plaintiffs maintained that the defendant was negligent in causing and allowing a dangerous condition hidden to unsuspecting users to exist for a long time, manufacturing designing, distributing and selling a defective screen door and failing to round out the metal corner of the screen door.

As a result, the minor suffered a five to six cm laceration on the left Achilles requiring sutures. The defendants made a general denial of all allegations against them.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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