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$________ Motor Vehicle Negligence – Lane Change Collision – Defendant driver cuts plaintiff off on GW Bridge – Collision witnessed by police – Lumbar herniation – Fusion surgery – Inability to work.

Bergen County, NJ

The 50-year-old plaintiff driver contended that shortly after paying the toll on the GW Bridge, the defendant driver negligently cut over from the left, causing the collision. The accident was witnessed by the Port Authority police and liability was not disputed.

The plaintiff maintained that he developed severe radiating lumbar pain and weakness shortly after the accident and that a lumbar herniation was confirmed by MRI. The plaintiff contended that conservative measures and epidural injections were inadequate and that he required fusion surgery.

The plaintiff had a physical job in the publishing industry, and contended that he can no longer work. The plaintiff was declared disabled by SSA. The plaintiff made a net income loss of approximately $________.

The defendant denied that the collision caused the claimed herniation and contended that the plaintiff suffered from degenerative disc disease only. The plaintiff countered that he had no prior symptoms or treatment in the lumbar area.The case settled prior to trial for $________.

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