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$________ Premises Liability – Hazardous Premises – Plaintiff suffers traumatic amputation of finger when safety bar of ride slams down on her hand – Failure to adequately train and supervise their employees – Traumatic amputation of the distal third of the left index finger – Psychological trauma.

Philadelphia County, PA

The plaintiff in this hazardous premises action maintained that an employee of the defendant amusement park negligently lowered a safety bar onto the plaintiff’s hand causing a traumatic amputation of one of the plaintiff’s fingers. The defendants denied being negligent and argued that it was the negligent acts of the plaintiff that caused the incident.

On July 19, ________, the female plaintiff was a business invitee of the defendant and was enjoying a day at the amusement park. When the plaintiff sat down to ride the "sky ride" an employee of the defendant closed the safety bar down directly onto the plaintiff’s left hand which caused a traumatic amputation of left index finger.

The plaintiff’s complaint stated that the defendant amusement park was negligent in causing a finger amputation by allowing the ride "sky ride" to function without proper safety devices, failing to properly train employees on the proper use of "sky ride", partially amputating the plaintiff’s finger with the safety bar of "sky ride", failing to adequately train and supervise their employees, failing to maintain its business premises in a safe condition and failing to exercise reasonable care in maintaining their premises. As a result, the plaintiff suffered a left index traumatic guillotine type partial amputation involving the distal third of the left index finger and severe psychological trauma. The defendant denied all liability and injury and alleged that it was the comparative negligence of the plaintiff that caused the incident in question.The jury found for the plaintiff and awarded the plaintiff $________ in pain and suffering, $________ for humiliation, $________ for loss of life’s pleasures, $________ for disfigurement and $________ for loss of earning capacity. Delay damages of $________ were added to the verdict, for a total of $________.

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