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$________ CONFIDENTIAL Medical Malpractice – Nursing – Negligent notation of medication in records resulting in over-medication of plaintiff – Dizziness – Lethargy – Heightened anxiety.

Withheld County, MA

In this negligence matter, the plaintiff alleged that the defendant nurse at the facility she was treating with was negligent in miswriting the medication order. As a result, instead of receiving ________ mg of Lamictal daily, the plaintiff was receiving a double dosage resulting in injuries including dizziness, lethargy, heightened anxiety and general malaise. The defendant nurse and the facility and supervising doctor denied the allegations of negligence.

The 56-year-old disabled female plaintiff was at a facility where the defendant nurse was employed. The plaintiff suffered from a history of mental illness and anxiety. The plaintiff came under the care of the defendant facility whose doctor prescribed medication for her including ________ mg of Lamictal for depression. The defendant nurse, in confirming the medication order, negligently noted that the plaintiff was to receive ________ mg of Lamictal twice daily, resulting in a double dose of the medication.

Over a period of ten months on the double dosage of medication, the plaintiff began to experience a variety of negative symptoms including dizziness, lethargy, heightened anxiety and general malaise. She questioned the medication on several occasions; however. she was advised that she was receiving the correct medication. It was not until the plaintiff retained counsel that it was discovered that she had been over-medicated by a double dosage for approximately ten months. Upon rectifying the medication error, the plaintiff’s condition improved.

The plaintiff brought a claim against the defendant nurse. The plaintiff alleged that the nurse was negligent in causing the plaintiff to be administered the incorrect dosage of medication and the facility and doctor were negligent in failing to supervise the nurse properly. The defendant denied the allegations and disputed the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and damages.The parties agreed to a confidential resolution of the plaintiff’s claims for the sum of $________.

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