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$________ Fraud – Breach of promissory note – Failure to provide return on allegedly secured investment.

Broward County, FL

The plaintiff was a 92-year-old female who brought this action against a dissolved Florida Corporation and three of its individual principals. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants defrauded her out of $________ investment and failed to pay on a promissory note which allegedly secured the investment. The plaintiff’s son, who managed her affairs, was also named as a plaintiff in the case. The defendants maintained that the plaintiff’s money was legitimately invested.

Testimony established that the plaintiff’s son met one of the defendants while working as a yacht broker and the defendant described what he claimed was a lucrative investment offering 15% interest on a business importing products from China. The plaintiff testified that she gave the defendants her life savings of $________ and, in exchange was given a promissory note in that amount, allegedly to protect her investment.

The plaintiff claimed that the defendants converted the investment and that the promissory note, from a Swedish company, was no good. The plaintiff also alleged that the defendant corporation was dissolved by the time the plaintiff made the investment and, therefore, the investment documents were fraudulent.

The defendants maintained that the plaintiff’s investment was legitimate and that he had a certificate of deposit with the Swedish Company which issued the promissory note. One of the defendants testified that a co-defendant who was not present at trial may have converted the plaintiff’s funds. This defendant testified that he only formed the corporation and was not involved in its day-to-day operation. However, the plaintiff showed that this defendant drafted the agreements for the plaintiff’s investment.The jury found for the plaintiff in amount of $________.

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