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$________ Product Liability – Defective Design – Defective Corvette burns down El Cajon house – $3 million in real and personal property loss damages.

Superior Court of California

In this matter, a family sued after their defective sports car burned their house down. The defendant car company denied any flaws in their vehicle design.

On January 16, ________, the plaintiff family’s ________ square foot El Cajon home burned to the ground. Fire Department investigators determined that the fire was not arson, and began in the garage. The investigators suggested that a vehicle could have been the source of the blaze. That garage housed the plaintiff’s Corvette. The family claimed a total damages in excess of $3 million in real and personal property loss due to the fire.

In July ________, the plaintiffs filed suit in the San Diego County division of the Superior Court of California, seeking recovery from General Motors, LLC, manufacturer of the Corvette, for an alleged design flaw which they asserted was the cause of the fire. The defendants denied this. The plaintiffs made a settlement demand for $1.8 million, and the defendants offered $________.

At trial, the plaintiffs argued that the fire was caused by the overheating of a small motor in the Corvette’s steering column. The defendant argued that the damage to the property precluded the determination of the fire’s origins. However, the plaintiffs brought expert testimony from cause of origin investigators who identified the corvette as the fire’s origin. Further, they brought a forensic engineer who determined which part’s failure was at fault.After a seven day trial, the jury deliberated for 13 hours before returning a $3.5 million verdict in the plaintiff’s favor. The verdict included $________ in past emotional damages for each of the plaintiffs, as well as $________ each for emotional damages suffered in the future.

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