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$________ Dram Shop – Decedent is continuously served alcoholic beverages while attending a party at defendant country club and allowed to leave the premises inebriated – Single vehicle collision – Wrongful death of 22-year-old male.

Bucks County, PA

The parents of the decedent brought this liability action against the country club where the party was located and the decedent’s employer who hosted the party for dram shop negligence claims in allowing their son to become intoxicated at the party and then allowing him to drive away in an intoxicated state. All defendants denied liability and argued that it was the negligence of the decedent that caused the fatal collision.

On January 12, ________, the decedent, a 22-year-old male firefighter and EMT, had been a guest at the defendant country club owned by the defendant DePaul attending a holiday party thrown by his employer, defendant Ann’s choice. The decedent was served alcoholic drinks to the point of intoxication and allowed to leave the premises in an intoxicated state. After leaving the party, the decedent operated his vehicle under the influence of alcohol and lost control, climbing an embankment and crashing into a utility pole. The decedent was ejected from the vehicle and sustained fatal injuries.

The estate alleged that the defendants were negligent in causing or permitting alcoholic beverages to be sold or supplied to the visibly intoxicated decedent, causing or permitting the decedent to leave the premises while visibly intoxicated and engaging in conduct that violated provisions of the Pennsylvania liquor code. The defendants strongly contested liability arguing that the decedent made it home from the party safely and then headed back out thereby breaking the chain of liability in a dram shop suit. Additionally, the defendants argued that the accident was caused by the recklessness of the decedent, with reports that the decedent was driving his vehicle at dangerous rate of speed.The parties settled their dispute for $________.

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