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UNDISCLOSED Negligent security - Defendant bar fails to provide adequate security resulting in a physical assault on the plaintiff - Four days in intensive care - Punctured lung - Multiple lacerations - Permanently reduced function in hand.

Plymouth County, MA

In this negligent security case the plaintiff, a construction worker, made a claim against the defendant bar stemming from an incident wherein the plaintiff was assaulted by a bar patron. The plaintiff contended that the defendant was aware the two individuals who assaulted him posed a threat and were threatening the plaintiff and did nothing to prevent the assault. In fact, the defendant continued to serve alcohol to the individuals after the plaintiff complained that they were threatening him. The patrons who assaulted the plaintiff were criminally convicted of assault prior to the commencement of this civil action. The defendant asserted that the plaintiff was a willing participant in the altercation.

The plaintiff testified that he was at the defendant establishment when two men began verbally accosting him. The plaintiff maintained that he told an employee at bar that he was fearful and did not know why the men were threatening him. The plaintiff asserted that an employee of the defendant overheard the verbal assault. The patrons’ behavior escalated and they ultimately physically assaulted the plaintiff. The defendant’s patrons hit the plaintiff in the head with a beer bottle and then stabbed him with a broken bottle.

The plaintiff spent four days in intensive care. The plaintiff suffered a punctured lung, multiple lacerations most notably to his arm, and was left with permanently reduced function in his hand. The plaintiff testified that he has reduced work functionality and continued pain and suffering as a result of the subject incident.

The defendant contended that the incident was a mutual altercation and that it was not foreseeable. The defendant called a witness, the co-owner of the establishment, who testified that the plaintiff was involved in a verbal exchange with the men prior to the physical altercation.

The jury found the defendant liable and awarded the plaintiff $________ in damages. The plaintiff prevailed on a motion for additur wherein the court granted a six figure award which is currently pending. The defendant has the option to accept the court’s decision or agree to re-try the issue of damages only.

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